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About Us

Our Story

As newcomers to Canada, we faced many challenges to find physical Hungarian grocery stores or had to deal with bad shopping experiences. After the COVID-19 pandemic, this problem became even worse. To solve this issue, to help customers with their shopping by saving time and effort to find a store, and to provide excellent shopping experiences, we decided to establish an online Hungarian Grocery Store in 2021. We named it Century Mart (the market of the 21st century) to remember the pandemic and that shopping can be enjoyable.


What do we do?
Century Mart provides a great variety of Hungarian non-perishable grocery products, gift baskets, vouchers, gift cards, and branded merchandise.

To make our user`s experience more engaging, we provided a blogging page to read and write about anything related to this website. We are constantly posting about amazing recipes of Hungarian cuisine and exciting facts and tips to make sure your stay will be remarkable.

As a subscribed member, you have the opportunity to live chat with the fellow members currently attending on the site. Along with excellent VIP member discounts and access to only VIP member pages.

Why choose us?

  • We provide delivery to your doorstep so that you can save time. 

  • We carefully package the goods, don't have to worry about broken or damaged products. 

  • We are correctly and visibly pricing every item ( with consideration of many important factors). 

  • Clearly showing the available stock, so you will know if this is the last piece. Also, you can request a stock refill on out-of-stock products. 

  • We provide detailed information for each item to know what it is, where to use it, or if it contains any possible allergen.

  • You won't get lost on the website (only if you enjoy being there). It is well thought, safe, and easy to navigate true.

  • The checkout is fast, easy, and safe. In addition, our pay gate uses an established fraud & personal information protection system.

  • You can access our website 24/7. 

  • You don't have to worry about the many people in the store or covid19, and we won't force you to buy anything or do it fast.

  • Our Customer Service team is there for you with Live Chat options and quick email responses if you have any questions or concerns.

To read more about us, visit our Frequently Asked Question page. 


Szilvia Nagy

February 28, 2022

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Tokeletes aruk es szallitas!

Boldog vagyok hogy megtalaltalak titeket!

Nagyon elegedett voltam , mindent megkaptam amire szuksegem volt. Gyors es nagyon kedves volt a kiszallitasnal is Ivett. Koszonom szepen!

Kovács Zoltán

August 31, 2021

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professzionális megjelenés

Örülök hogy lehetőséget biztositanak a Magyar termékek online vásárlására. A weboldal professzionális és a Vevőszolgálat minden kérdésemre gyorsan és pontosan válaszolt.


August 26, 2021

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Szuper Weboldal

Nagyon tetszik a weboldal, szuperul nez ki! Alig varom hogy rendelhessek!

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